Space, Syfy 3 seasons 33 episodes Ended TV-PG English 2014 - 2016 imdb 6.9

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Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Greg Bryk, Steve Lund, Genelle Williams, Tommie-Amber Pirie, John Ralston, Alex Ozerov-Meyer
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Who's afraid of the big, blonde wolf?
Elena Micheals thought she left the world of supernatural behind when she left Stonehaven behind 'for good this time' she thought. Until the night she got the mysterious call from her pack leader asking her to come back. So now she is heading back, leaving her life as a normal photographer in Toronto for the moment to re-enter the world of werewolves, rules about protect the pack and a man she has spent years trying to get out of her system. Oh and did she mention she was the only living female werewolf in existence?
video: "Bitten" Theme Song Intro
"Bitten" Theme Song Intro
video: Bitten Promo season 1
Bitten Promo season 1

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